HBS premium partner TripAdvisor

We’re pleased to announce, that as of today HBS-CRS has been certified as TripAdvisor Instant Booking Premium Partner enabling your hotels to receive direct bookings from TripAdvisor.

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What is TripConnect Instant Booking?
For the first time ever, millions of travelers can book directly on TripAdvisor. TripConnect instant booking gives independent hotels an easy way to acquire these bookings.

It’s a simple idea that takes full advantage of a natural consumer behavior: When travelers find the hotel they want on TripAdvisor, they want to book it immediately. Clicking “Book on TripAdvisor” allows them to do just that — while instantly creating a powerful new booking channel for your hotel partners.

TripConnect instant booking also allows hotels to own the guest relationship – and the customer experience – from the beginning. TripAdvisor sends all guest and booking data to hotels, so they can
track it alongside other bookings.

Key Benefits for Hotels
  • Pay for Stays - Hotels pay only when bookings turn into guest stays
  • Direct Booking Benefits - Hotels own the guest relationship from the beginning
  • Set It and Forget It - The simple commission model is easy to set up and maintain

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Business Model
TripConnect instant booking lets hotels acquire bookings directly on TripAdvisor on a pay-per-booking commission basis.

Hotels have their choice of two commission rates:
  • By choosing a higher commission rate, hotels can get half of all “Book on TripAdvisor” traveler views - and the bookings those traveler views generate
  • They can also choose a lower rate, but will only get one quarter of all “Book on TripAdvisor” traveler views

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