HBS hotel booking engine

The new HBS-IBE is the result of extensive research of industry best-practices and feedback from over 7000 hotels using the HBS-CRS for their online hotel distribution.

The Booking-Engine that drives your hotel’s direct bookings
As part of an integrated and well-balanced online hotel distribution strategy, today’s hotel marketers focus on driving direct online bookings and achieving serious ROIs via their own hotel website. HBS-IBE provides hotel marketers with a solid technology base to drive direct online hotel bookings.

No commissions …
… just a low monthly flatrate based on the number of rooms your hotel as available for sale. Saving you serious money compared to commission based models. Starting at € 50.00 per month.

Easy to integrate

Easy to integrate
You may integrate the Internet Booking Engine ( IBE ) into your website using a simple “Book Now” button or an extensive search form. A stylesheet allows you to adapt the color scheme of the booking-engine so it corresponds with your websites look & feel.


Configurable booking process
Search, Select, Options, Check-Out: The four-step booking process follows industry best-practices and allows for a fast, unintrusive and secure booking-process. You may further shorten the booking-process by skipping the ‘Option’ page.

Shopping basket

Integrated shopping basket
Enables consumers to book more than one room per booking and an unlimited amount of anchillary products, which they can assign to the each room individually.


Anchillary products
IBE enables you to offer an unlimited amount of anchillary products – both free of charge or at a cost. They can have their own availability and can be assigned to individual days of a guest’s stay.


Packages / Deals
In addition to standard room offers, you can define pre-packaged offers that will be presented and made available for booking via a dedicated “Deals” tab within the booking-engine.

Company rates

Company Rates
You can assign booking codes to company rate agreements so that companies and their travelers have access to their negotiated rates when booking via your booking-engine.

Mobile bookings

Mobile Bookings
HBS-IBE is build on Responsive Web Design standards that anticipate and respond to your user’s viewing needs. Dedicated mobile versions for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices make booking your hotel on smaller screens fast and simple.

And more

And more…
Reservations can be completed based on a registered user account, or without registration. Registered user accounts allow for tracking / changing a users bookings. Support for multiple languages and currencies. Single- and Multi-Property versions available.
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