HBS channel management

The Channel Manager is the perfect tool for online channel management of availability and rates on many booking channels.

  • Revenue Management (Yield Management), Channel Management
  • Via the XML Channel Manager you can check availability via one central screen (1 central management module) to operate different platforms (VVV - Tourism service, own website, Booking.com, Expedia, and others).
  • "PMS connect": You can connect to PMS (property management systems) the XML Channel Manager: Booking Planner, FITS hotel, Protel Hotelsoftware, MICROS-Fidelio Suite8, Mancloud, VIPS, Base7, Visual Matrix, Elina & more... All allotments are then sent via a 2-way XML interface, once your bookings have been imported.
  • No over-bookings because all booking sites are automatically updated.
  • Connections possible with Revenue Management Systems such as Pricematch, Ideas, OTA Insight, Poweryourroom ..
  • Save a lot of time by managing your booking websites via 1 central screen.
  • Achieve higher turnover by activating complete availability on all connected booking websites, without fear of over-booking.
  • Rateparity - Avoid overbookings
  • Channel manager applies a fixed monthly subscription (according to the number of units).
  • No extra commissions / or costs per booking
  • PCI Compliant
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